Our goal at BES Group is to provide a clean and sustainable solution for enhancing quality of life while reducing environmental impacts. To achieve our goals, we began in 1988 and continued to actively pursue a highperformance, natural, and by-product free ozone generation technology.

Today, our EOG technology leads the industry with 40 patents that provide superior efficacy, versatility, and reliability in diverse commercia, industrial and residential settings.

With proven results across food service, retail and processing industries, the leaders of these respective fields have chosen our technology in their persistent quest to innovate and advance. We are delighted to present our technology to you as a major step towards our unified vision of a chemical and disease free future.

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Biotek Ozone
Technology Integration, ODM Service, Technolgy Research & Development.

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Biolux Ozone
Lifestyle Application.

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BioSurel Ozone
Food & Beverage Application

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Biospin Ozone
Laundry Ozonation Equipment for Energy Savings and Disinfection

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Biotek Ozone
Infection Control Application

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Innoplant Ozone
Ozone Solution for Ultra-pure Water and Water Treatment.

Ozone water expert fulfills all your need what is ozone
ozone disinfection

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